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(Last online update Jan 23, 2024)

DAY      NAME                        TIME         LOCATION

Mon    FW Beach AFG           6:00PM    Shalimar United Methodist Church

                                                                    RM 208, Family Life Bldg.

                                                                    1 Old Ferry Rd. Shalimar, Fl - MAP

Mon    Destin AFG                   7:00PM    First Presbyterian Church

                                                                     154 Calhoun St. Destin, FL - MAP

Mon    A Little Time For           7:00PM    Point Washingto UMC, Room 1 - NEW MEETING

            Myself, AFG                                     1290 N.CO. Hwy 395

                                                                        Santa Rosa Beach - MAP

Mon    Alateen Wisdom to      6:00PM    Camel Club

            Know                                                249 E. Hewett Rd.

                                                                      Santa Rosa Beach, FL - MAP

Tue    Happy Destiny AFG    11:00 AM    200 Beach Dr.

                                                                       Destin, Fl - MAP

Tue     Daytime AFG                 NOON       First Baptist Church

                                                                      Rm B25, 2nd Floor, Elevator Access

                                                                      21 First St SE FWB, FL - MAP

Tue     One Purpose AFG         7:00PM     Christ The King Episcopal Church

                                                                        480 N. CO. HWY 393

                                                                        Santa Rosa Beach, FL - MAP

 Tue     Bluewater Bay AFG       7:00PM    Bluewater Community Church

                                                                        4580 Range Rd. Niceville, FL - MAP

 Tue      Crestview AFG              7:30PM    Crosspoint United Methodist Church North Campus

                                                                        6268 Old Bethel Rd. Crestview, FL - MAP   

Wed     Keep It Simple  AFG      NOON       Alano Club - NEW MEETING

                                                                          52 Beal Pkwy NW

                                                                           Fort Walton Beach, Fl - MAP

Wed    Wednesday Night AFG    6:30PM   First Presbyterian Church - NEW MEETING

                                                                          134 Beal Pkwy

                                                                           Fort Walton Beach, Fl - MAP

Wed      Let it Begin With Me     7:00PM   Mossy Head Community Center

              AFG                                                  63 Stewart Circle Mossy Head, FL - MAP

Thurs    Daytime AFG                  NOON     First Baptist Church

                                                                        Rm B25, 2nd Floor, Elevator Access

                                                                        21 First St SE FWB, FL - MAP

 Thurs   One Purpose AFG         7:00PM   Christ The King Episcopal Church

                                                                         480 N. CO. HWY 393 

                                                                         Santa Rosa Beach, FL - MAP

   Fri       Girls On The Gulf          11:30AM  Village Baptist Church

               AFG                                                   Bldg. #9, by basketball hoop

                                                                          101 Matthew Blvd. Destin, FL - MAP

    Fri      TGIF AFG                         8:00PM   Trinity United Methodist Church

                                                                          Rm 108, East Door, Back Bldg.

                                                                          403 NW Racetrack Rd. FWB, FL - MAP

     Sat    Saturday Serenity           9:30AM   Crosspoint United Methodist Church

               AFG                                                    Rm 802, Chandler Center Bldg. elevator, 2nd Floor

                                                                           2145 S. Partin Dr. Niceville, FL - MAP

     Sat    Beginners How It          10:30AM   The Camel Club

               Works AFG                                        249 E. Hewett Rd.

                                                                           Santa Rosa Beach, FL - MAP       


This will take you to the front page of this

This is information telling you what Al-Anon is and what it is not. Also, it has a little info regarding what happens in our meetings.

This is simply a list of meetings in District 15, Okaloosa/Walton County, FL.

Upcoming activities in the district, i.e., Alkathons, public outreach and workshops

Here you will find links to World Service, Area and other district websites as they become known.

A reprinted article from this months Forum magazine.